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Adamant Ink is a book co-creation platform that makes it easy for activist organizations, movements, and charities to raise money with books. Collect, publish, and sell anthology books that tell the real, human stories written by the people on the front-lines of your organization's work...without overloading staff, volunteers, or board members.

It's the only platform on the market designed specifically for creating turnkey fundraising campaigns through thought-provoking, community-driven anthologies.

The best part? Publishing these powerful books combines your efforts for awareness, outreach, and fundraising. And this system will work even if your organization has no paid staff, a small budget, or very little time.

An invitation-only beta is launching soon. 

How it Works

Create a Project

Start by creating a new book project, add a working title, decide if you want it to be a collection of essays, advice, poetry, photography, art, or a mix of those. After some quick settings, you're ready to roll!

Call for Entries

Tap into your amazing talent pool or open the call for entries up to the public. Submissions can be sent & edited up until the deadline. Set the selection criteria and invite evaluators to help you choose the entries that will go into your book!

Publish & Promote

Put the finishing touches on your book and publish. Share the built-in landing page to sell your book & share your message. You can also export the book and publish with your choice of print-on-demand providers. 

Let's be real. The world is a hot mess. Dystopia knocks. Ominously. Around the globe, the authoritarians seem to have the upper hand. The sociopolitical climate in the US is as bad as it's ever been.

I know I'm not the only one who has struggled to keep working day to day through the gravity of this collective grief, hardship, and injustice.

I'm Larah. Founder, front-end developer, creative director for Mindmeld Creative. For me, throughout 2020, keeping my focus on building websites and logos has felt like an abdication.

When I'm working, I'm not paying attention to the news, which feels kinda like I've left a toddler in a room full of knives. When I'm digesting the news, fact-checking, and digging into history for context (as one does), I'm filled with immense guilt for not working on the projects while my amazing clients are waiting so graciously and patiently. 

Nothing is enough, and everything is too much.

With a chronic illness that limits mobility, it's a challenge to be anything other than an armchair activist. Living in a rural, conservative dystopia makes it hard to feel like you can make an impact. It's hard to support all of the deserving causes & candidates when you're barely making ends meet during quarantine. It's hard to make time to volunteer when you're already working on the edge of burnout. None of those challenges are unique to me, and all of them are real. But none of them change the immense amount of work we have to do. All of us. Somehow. Whether it's hard, overwhelming, uncomfortable, risky, and even sometimes dangerous.

The history that's happening now will be our legacy. So what are we going to do about it?

I've written the letters & left the voice mails that fall on the deaf ears of our representatives that no longer represent us. I've shared the articles & science hoping that something will lead to a tiny crack in the dam for at least one person whose world has been too insulated for to see the truth. I do this even knowing that most of those people stopped reading my posts ages ago. I've amplified the voices through social media that need to be heard. But that's all spectatorship.

I, for one, am tired of feeling powerless. I'm taking a big leap and hoping the net will appear. I'm reclaiming my workdays by shifting my attention to a project that has the ability to impact real change. After my current design projects are complete, I will be taking a giant leap of faith and focusing all of my attention on building and growing Adamant Ink.

Adamant Ink is a SaaS that will make it easy for activist organizations, movements, and charities to collect, publish, and sell revenue-generating books that tell the real, human stories written by the people at the front-lines of their organization's work...without overloading their staff, volunteers, or board members.

Every movement touches the lives of incredibly talented people with stories to share, poetry to pour into the world, and art or photography that can break open hearts. Their voices should be heard. Their words should be published. Their experiences contain power. Much of our division perpetuates from a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues others are facing and an innate inability to see past our own experiences.

Sharing our humanity makes all of us more human.

I don't want to be in the center of this. These are not my movements. These are not my stories. Adamant Ink should be a microphone that amplifies the voices that need to be heard. Using our software, organizations can call upon their people for submissions. They can curate the entries to create powerful collections, then publish those collections into ebooks or print books. The books will help them with outreach, education, awareness, and fundraising. Not only that, but books are shareable, they start conversations, they stir emotions, and open minds. That's the world I want to help create. One in which we stop shouting so we can start hearing.

Empathy begins here. Empathy is the antidote to hate.

So, why am I the person to do this? (she asked herself) I've been building websites for almost two decades and started building the occasional web app for clients a few years ago. Books are my playground! I've designed over two dozen gorgeous book covers and have walked even more authors through the entire self-publishing process. I've worked within several non-profits as board, staff, and volunteer, and I designed a statewide program to teach women how to start micro-business that earned national recognition from the YWCA. I also have an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and a BA in organizational management that I'd love to pay for someday. Besides all of that, this project lights a fire in me. Adamant Ink will allow me to use my powers for good while shining the spotlight where it belongs. This isn't actually about me. And that's what I love most about it!

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